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Our incentive program is based on "Bones." One hour earns 1,000 bones for each hour of work. So working 4 hours at an event would get you 4000 bones. Bones can be redeemable for Team Ortho race entries or great Team Ortho gear.

If you have any questions concerning your bones balance please contact us right away so we can resolve the issue in a timely manner.

How to Redeem Bones for a Team Ortho Race:

1. Check your bones balance to ensure you have the required amount

Minnesota Volunteers: View your Bones Balance updated 12.5.16

Chicago Volunteers: View your Bones Balance updated 12.5.16

Dallas Volunteers: View your Bones Balance updated 1.27.15

2. If you are redeeming for a race entry, Fill Out Form to Redeem Bones for Races & Read Guidelines

2017 Minnesota Bones Redemption Form

2017 Chicago Bones Redemption Form

If you have any questions regarding your registration please contact us.

3. If you are redeeming for Team Ortho gear contact us directly for your next opportunity at the Team Ortho Store.

Team Ortho gear is available for bones redemption at any of our races, specifically our Team Ortho store. It will also be available at our volunteer thank you events. Please note that you can only use bones towards gear that we have available, selections may vary.



Marathon & Duathlon
20,000 Bones
Bone Redemption Race "Prices" 2016
Women ROCK Half Marathon 19,000 Bones
Monster Dash Half Marathon 18,000 Bones
Get Lucky Half Marathon

17,000 Bones

MM Half Marathon, Women ROCK 10K, Monster Dash 10 Mile 
16,000 Bones
Polar Dash Half Marathon, Get Lucky 14K 15,000 Bones
Get Lucky 7K, MM Relay, Du Relay, Women ROCK 5K, Monster Dash 5K
14,000 Bones
Polar Dash 10K, Du 5K 13,000 Bones
Polar Dash 5K
12,000 Bones
Look on redemption sheet for Polar Dash and Women Rock challenges


*Please Note:

*Prices are only guaranteed through 2016 and are subject to change for 2017
*Bones are only redeemable in the full amount. There are no partial payments.
*Gear availability is subject to change based on race supply and demand. We cannot guarantee any sizes or prices on products.