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Leadership Opportunities E-mail

Team Ortho is looking for volunteers who want to step up to the challenge and be a leader on our volunteer team. We develop our leaders to help us when we need them the most – on RACE DAY! The staff looks to these volunteer coordinators for assistance and support.

What is a Team Ortho Volunteer Coordinator?

Volunteer Coordinators are volunteers who step up to the challenge of leading a group of volunteers in a designated area. They are vital to the success of the race.  Here is how these volunteer positions work, and why they're necessary, at a Team Ortho event:

  • Help ensure that volunteers in your designated area have a tremendous experience
  • Answer questions on behalf of the Director of Volunteers and Team Ortho Foundation for runners and for volunteers in your area
  • Keep track of volunteer attendance and situations in your area
  • Troubleshoot unanticipated situations as they arise in your area
  • Take charge in an emergency situations involving volunteers or athletes
  • Report on the experience after the race

What's required of a Volunteer Coordinator?

  • Attend 1-2 Coordinator meetings prior to a big events
  • Help us build our races by giving strong feedback after an event
  • Commit to a longer shift on race day – typically an additional ½ hour before and a ½ hour after the required shift for volunteer
  • Work with us to find a position that fits your personality and strengths

If you are interested please contact us as soon as possible and we’ll get started on getting you ready for leadership!

Guidelines & Requirements E-mail

Team Ortho Foundation needs volunteers to ensure the success of all or our Monster Series races/events including…

  • Polar Dash
  • Get Lucky
  • Minneapolis Marathon
  • Go Commando
  • Minneapolis Duathlon
  • Monster Dash

The majority of our volunteer opportunities surround these major events and shifts average between 4 to 5 hours. We are looking for individuals and groups that meet our requirements to help. Group volunteers have a unique incentive at Team Ortho Events. Any group of 15 or more can apply to be a sponsor at our event and gain some free positive publicity.

If you are interested in helping out but cannot be at one of our major events we also have General Opportunities that are being updated on a regular basis. Most of these opportunities happen at the Team Ortho office or storage facility and include: helping us with mailings, organizing or cleaning race supplies, distributing flyers, and other opportunities as they arise.

Team Ortho Foundation looks forward to working with you and your unique talents and abilities, so please look over our volunteer requirements and guidelines to see if this is something that works for you.

Volunteer Requirements

  • Volunteers must be 14 years of age or older for volunteer positions, however an exception can be made for those participating as part of an organized and supervised group such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Sporting Teams, etc. Please contact us for more details.
  • The volunteers who are 14, 15, 16, 17 years of age MUST have a parent or legal guardian complete our waiver and send it to Team Ortho Foundation-Volunteer, 1170 15th Ave. SE #307, Minneapolis, MN 55414. This will need to be received prior to your shift. You can choose to mail it or bring it on the day of your shift.
  • Children, family, friends or pets are NOT allowed to accompany the volunteer during any of their volunteer shifts. If a child wants to volunteer they must be 14 years of age or older. (See Above)
  • Only those volunteering will be allowed to partake in the refreshments, snacks, and t-shirts.
  • Volunteers are responsible for their own parking and parking costs at volunteer events.

Volunteer Guidelines

  • Volunteers must check in at the volunteer tent at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled shift and must not leave until they have checked out. Volunteers who do not check out will not be eligible for bones or race incentives.
  • We depend on your commitment to participate. Your presence and prompt arrival for your scheduled shifts are absolutely necessary.
  • Our events are rain or shine, so please do not let rain stop you from coming. We will have ponchos available for your convenience.
  • Volunteers must dress appropriately for weather conditions.
  • Volunteers should expect to stand during their entire shift if it is outside

Click here to download Parental Consent Waiver

*Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in volunteering but have some questions or concerns before starting. We are always open to new ideas and want this experience to work for both of us in a positive way.


Getting Started as a Volunteer E-mail

Volunteers can expect to work at least, but not limited to, 4-5 hours per event. Apart from events, we regularly notify our volunteer base of other opportunities that arise, like mailings, storage organization, distribution of flyers, or becoming a member of one of our various committees.  If you like to participate in our races please still consider volunteering with us as well. We have many opportunities available before and after our races.

Volunteer guidelines and requirements

Team Ortho Volunteer Benefits

Our volunteer incentive program is based on "Bones." One hour earns 1,000 bones for each hour of work. So working 4 hours at an event would get you 4000 bones. Bones are redeemable for Team Ortho Gear and for free entries into one or more of our fabulous Team Ortho Races.

We also have several thank you events each year when we express our gratitude to all of our volunteers who have recently given their time to one of our events. These events usually include drinks and appetizers and an opportunity to redeem your bones.

Team Ortho Foundation looks forward to working with you. We know your time is valuable and we value your time as well.

Current Opportunities E-mail

Thank you for your interest in volunteering. We believe that you will find the opportunity very rewarding as you help others achieve their goals. Volunteering for Team Ortho is a time to support a lifestyle that's active and healthy, but you also earn rewards, and most importantly, volunteering for Team Ortho is FUN!

Click here to download the parental consent form for volunteers under the age of 18

Our volunteer opportunities are now posted on all of our new websites for our races.

Get on our Volunteer E-mail List (just click "Volunteering" on the dropdown)

If you are not available to volunteer at our current race or if you would like to be more involved as a volunteer for Team Ortho– sign up to be on our email list. We use this list to contact volunteers about small volunteer opportunities that arise in between our big events – opportunities that can earn you more bones!

Sign up to Volunteer!




Group Volunteers E-mail

Group Volunteer Sponsors Needed!

Team Ortho is always looking for groups and organizations to volunteer at Team Ortho events. This is a great opportunity to get your group involved in a fun activity that will serve the active lifestyle community. Groups are especially helpful to Team Ortho because they are familiar with each other. This helps for taking on tasks such as water stops and course marshaling.

Groups of 20 or more people that volunteer at a Team Ortho Foundation event will be listed as sponsors of the event. This is a great way to get extra exposure to your group.

Minnesota Group Volunteer Application

Chicago Group Volunteer Application


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