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What is the mission of Team Ortho Foundation?
Team Ortho promotes healthy active lives through fun running events for EVERY BODY.

Is Team Ortho Foundation a not-for-profit organization?
Team Ortho Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit. A not-for -profit is an organization that uses surplus revenue to further achieve its purpose or mission, rather than distributing its surplus revenue to the organization’s shareholders. In 2013, Team Ortho Foundation distributed 60% of its net revenues to other non-profits. As with all 501(c)3 organizations, Team Ortho Foundation annually files a publicly available Form 990. Click here to learn more about our expenses compared to similar organizations.

How does Team Ortho Foundation promote healthy active lives?
In short, active lives are healthy lives; activity = health. We support active lives by creating running events that encourage people of any age to get outside and run. Our year-round running series offers opportunities for runners of all abilities to train for and enjoy the thrill of running a race and the health benefits of training. Most medical experts agree that active lifestyles and proper diet are helpful in preventing certain lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, and certain cancers. Knowing this, however, is not the same as doing something about it – so Team Ortho Foundation makes racing fun and accessible. For 12,255 people in Minnesota in 2014-2015, Team Ortho was their first 5k, 10k or half-marathon ever! Imagine what that means if even 10 percent of those new runners were saved from a lifestyle disease such as diabetes or kidney disease.

How long has Team Ortho Foundation been supporting orthopedic health?
In 2004, Team Ortho was born in the Orthopedic Department of a hospital to both raise funds and encourage healthy living. While our primary mission is to encourage active living and better orthopedic health through athletic events, we continue to honor that heritage by contributing a portion of our net race proceeds to charities that support medical research and treatment.

How many lives has Team Ortho Foundation impacted through running races?
In the last 5 years, more than 265,000 people have run in one of 61 Team Ortho Foundation races. More importantly, Team Ortho Foundation focuses on first-time runners – those runners who got off the couch and hit the pavement to find better health. In 2014-2015 in Minnesota races alone, for 1200 kids, Team Ortho was their first 5K. 1466 kids registered for the 2015 Monster Dash, making it Minnesota’s largest kid's race.

Tell me more about the nature of your races. Are they expensive to put on?

Team Ortho Foundation strives to put on exceptionally well-run racing events that welcome runners of all shapes, sizes and abilities. Team Ortho Foundation’s focus is on encouraging people to join in the running community and train with others for the sheer enjoyment of exercise and being outdoors. Road races, however, have become more expensive and complicated each year. Multiple state, county, and city government agencies are involved in every race. Public safety and local residential properties are often involved. As an example of expenses, Team Ortho paid $30,000 just for barricades and road signage for Monster Dash. Other races across the country also face increased financial pressures and while most runners may be unaware of the types of costs involved, they are aware that race fees have increased.

Team Ortho Foundation is known for its great gear. Tell me about it.
Team Ortho Foundation believes that runners who look good also feel good so we strive to design gear that is durable, safe, high performing and attractive. Our gear is quality gear, meant for four seasons, and is made with performance fabrics that often use reflectivity for safety. Much of apparel comes from China and from the same factories used to make the best quality American brands. Our dedication to quality does require us to make business trips to China to meet with the factories and ensure our standards are consistently met as well as ensure timely delivery of gear in time for our races. Many runners comment on the quality of our gear and it is part of our value offering to runners. We believe that over time, useful high-quality apparel reduces the cost barriers to year-round running.

What helps make all these races happen and keep costs down?
Great volunteers help make all this happen. Volunteers help with all aspects of Team Ortho Foundation events, and because of their efforts, the events are safer, less expensive and more convenient. Our awesome volunteers are often there hours before a race getting things ready and stay hours after the final racer has crossed the finish line. Their wonderful dedication, experience, and sacrifice help make Team Ortho Foundation events possible.

Team Ortho Foundation puts on great races with a wonderful sense of fun. What’s the secret?
Whether it is welcoming the New Year in with the Polar Dash, dressing up in costumes to celebrate Halloween for the Monster Dash, and donning pink to celebrate Women Rock, Team Ortho Foundation events are meant to make running fun, entertaining and good for your health. Our racing events are dressed up with props, fun signage and great volunteers. Many folks recognize the iconic gleaming white 1979 Rolls Royce (on loan to Team Ortho) to dress up our Women Rock race and add an element of classy cool to the “Rolls Royce of women’s races.


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Team Ortho Foundation is a 501(c)3 public charity, tax id: 20-0685151 founded in February 2004 to get and keep people active and raise money for critical Orthopaedic research (Bone, Joint and Spine).

Team Ortho is open to Every Body.

Team members include orthopaedic surgeons, health professionals, scientists, engineers, accountants, lawyers, ampuletes (amputee athletes), blind persons, kids and students . Team Ortho produces amateur athletic events, such as the